Saturday, July 25, 2009

Much to catch up on

As I sit here actually composing a new post, I feel like I should be stretching and yawning as if waking from some long hibernation or something. Its not an unfamiliar feeling, I'm probably one of the least diligent or consistent bloggers around. I actually got to the point where I missed looking at my own new posts. I'm just so tired of looking at the Disneyland pics from March already!

Anyhoo... we've been busy since March.

1: April- My Mom came for a visit during Easter to accompany me to Santa Clara for a few IVF appts- the doc is 3 hours away- bless her heart. I took her to San Fran for the first time while we were in Santa Clara. She LOVED it and we had a really nice time. See how cute she is!:) It was cold and windy, of course. Im a city girl so I love San Francisco. (well, most of it...)
I still have like 4 giant candy bars in my fridge from Ghirardelli square.

2: May- Craig and I went up to Mammoth for some late season skiing with some friends from Utah. We had a great time. The snow in May is kind of like mashed potatoes, but you can't beat the weather. It was sunny and warm and beautiful. We actually got to ski together, which I love. I did have the biggest wipeout of my skiing career, but since it was a slow (..embarrassing, awkward, stupid...) fall, there were no injuries to report. It just lasted a long time because I slid down a steep section for what felt like forever. In front of dozens of people. I was actually fuming. I get really mad if I fall.

3: June- Craig and I went down to (down? it up? Im not from around here.) over to Las Vegas with Steve and Linda for a work retreat/ conference thing. It was really nice. We stayed at the Bellagio and while Craig attended his sessions, I chilled out by the pool, did a little shopping and went to the Las Vegas Temple. We also saw the Donnie and Marie show at the Flamingo. I have to say, it was fantastic. Those Mormon kids can really entertain! Seriously, if you're having a bad day, this show can't NOT cheer you up. Its Donnie and Marie!? All smiles and happiness. This was the picture that was taken by a photographer at the show. I wont tell you what we paid for the little folder with our picture and a signed picture of Donnie and Marie on the other side. WELL WORTH IT!

Also in June, we went down to Fallbrook to celebrate Craig's grandparents' 80th birthdays. Man, they know how to throw a bash, it was so much fun. There was square dancing, pony rides, a bounce house, games for all, and tons of food. Good times!

It was also Craig's birthday on the 26th. We had another appt in Santa Clara so we packed Craig's gifts and opened them in the hotel. Craig likes to say that he doesn't really care about his birthday, but I know deep down he loves it when people fuss over him;) LOVE YOOOOU!

4: July- Last week the Saunders family went to Lake Tahoe. We're used to going every year to ski so it was nice to see Tahoe in the summer. It was BEAUTIFUL and the weather was unbeatable. We golfed, did a little hiking, went to the beach, laid out by the pool, got pedicures, cried when we came home to 111 degrees, it was a nice vacation. To add to all of the excitement I flew up to Washington so I could drive down with my sister-in-law, Stephanie, and her two little ones. I loved being able to see a new part of the country and spend time with them. The boys were amazing for such a long drive- 17 hours one way! Whew! Yes, I still want to have kids. These were the only pics we managed to take. Pathetic.

Also in that time, we did IVF twice- one "fresh" and one "frozen." (It does sound like we're talking produce, but no.) Still not expecting. Its the challenge of a lifetime. We just keep trying until something sticks, I guess, so on to attempt #3. I've had the chance to connect with many others in my situation through all of this. I have one friend who in 4 years and multiple ivf tries, JUST got to the point where they retrieve your eggs. She responds poorly to the drugs. I am reminded that no matter how low you feel, there are always so many things to be thankful for, and so many reasons why things could be worse. I sent out an email to my family recently explaining where we are and what we're doing next, and I said that no matter how much they can get right with IVF, the embryos have to attach on their own- no way to stitch them in or apply velcro (that was my brother's idea- he also asked if these docs were sure they were putting them in the right place? "they're not supposed to go in Craig, you know?"). My Dad said "Well I dont know how it would be difficult to become attached to you, I've always found it very easy to become attached to you. I was attached to you the moment you were born." He always says the best things. You just have to keep everything light. And humor always goes a long way.