Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Infertility- BOOOO!

Another fun and exciting(where's the sarcasm font when you need it) thing Craig and I have had to deal with over the last 18 mos is the repeated doc appointments, drug treatments, specimen deliveries, multiple testing and procedures that, together, make up the wonderful world of infertility! Really, its not so wonderful, but I am blessed with an excellent insurance plan and good docs so I feel very positive about what we're doing.

Most recently I underwent a test thats called an hysterosalphinogram- HSG. In a nutshell (caution: rated PG-13) they give you an X-ray while injecting dye into the uterus and through the fallopian tubes to check for any blockages or abnormalities. After doing some online research and hearing some women describing it as "the most excruciating experience of their lives," I was a little nervous. Taking my doc's advice I loaded up on 800 mg of ibuprofen and 5 mg (ok 7), of Valium right before the procedure. I guess the procedure can cause "moderate to severe abdominal pain." Well either the drugs worked wonders or there are some seriously wussy women out there because it didn't feel like anything worse than a pap smear. Needless to say I was relieved but also delighted to find out that everything structurally was normal:)

Monday, July 28, 2008

And Gunnar makes Two!

So we have Roxy and everything was fine and good, until we started noticing that she was spending a lot of time laying over in the dirt by the fence apparently trying to communicate with with neighbor's dog on the other side.

At first we laughed and pointed, but we started to wonder if maybe Roxy needed a playmate. (I guess Craig and I weren't fun enough for her.) We also heard from some of our friends who also have dogs that its sometimes good to have two because they entertain each other. So again Craig started suggesting that I "go online and see what's out there." A month later we came home with Gunnar- also a wee-little boxer, but unlike Roxy, a total firecracker. I promised myself we would never be those LAME dog owners who treat their pets like children. However, when you raise them, discipline and punish them, play with them, let them fall asleep in your lap, and make sure to feed them enough to sustain their lives, it probably feels a lot like- NO I wasn't going to say it!

Regardless, they're both a hoot and we'll certainly be sharing the hilarious, shocking, and more often than not- stupid things they do to keep us always entertained.

And then came Roxy

So with the stork's delivery being late and all, we decided that we needed something in the meantime that would add a new dimension to the "family." And although Craig led me to believe that we'd never get a dog, he started to suggest that we "just look online to see what there is." That turned into " well, I just figured you would bring one home one day." (I think he felt like I needed something to nurture.) And lo and behold we came home with little Roxy- the most timid and scared boxer puppy ever. Man, did we learn a thing or two with her! Turns out you can't just throw a diaper on her and take her everywhere you go! But at the same time you can't just leave her in the backyard either- not at first, anyway. Luckily almost a year has passed since then and everyone has adjusted beautifully. I guess we'll keep her.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

...And here we are!

Well I've succumbed. I have joined the blogging world. I'll admit, I used to make fun of y'all, but when I started viewing all of my in-laws creative and entertaining posts and pics (and Linda told me that her sister, Katherine, said that we had to set one up) (...and then I started to feel left out because all the other Saunders had one and we didn't) I knew I had to be a part of it!
My first thoughts were that we wouldn't have anything exciting to say or offer because, well, its just the two of us and the posts about everyone's kids are so fun to look at and read. Then I thought about Craig, and let's be honest, he's really one big 32 year-old kid anyway- always getting hurt, playing in the dirt, even having the neighbor kids come over asking him to play. (yes, really.) Oh the possibilities for a blog! So the kids will come, yes, but in the meantime please enjoy catching up on what fun and exciting things Craig and I have been up to in our first 2 years. Welcome, and enjoy the ride! ok, its not that exciting.