Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holding Steady!

So all of a sudden I'll be 32 weeks on Monday! I cannot believe I've been here over four weeks. At this point when I go into labor, the docs wont even try to stall or stop it. We can finally go back to being excited about the trio's arrival rather than being scared and apprehensive. AND even if they came today, they would most likely only have to be in the NICU for 3 to 4 weeks max, which is way less time than we had anticipated.
We are so lucky to be at this point, and its amazing what a difference 2 weeks makes in the prognosis. I still can't believe that we're about to have three babies. Its insane. Why has this not occurred to me until now???

Speaking of three babies, they are still moving and squirming and kicking like crazy. Even the sonographers can't believe how active they are for how cramped they are. I love feeling them bouncing around. It makes me laugh as I wonder what the crap they could possibly be doing in there.

I still have a constant stuffy nose that I think will stick around as long as I'm pregnant. Its beyond annoying and Im afraid of blowing my nose too hard for fear of knocking something loose. Someone finally noticed the nearly empty bottle of tums on the nightstand and said "why didn't you tell us you were having problems with heartburn?" They ordered Pepcid for me twice daily and I feel much better. Now I dont have to worry about getting tums dust on my remote and computer keys anymore! I still feel really good. I do have some bouts of discomfort- mostly trying to get comfortable or just prop myself up more when Im sitting in bed. All things considered, though, Im dang lucky. WAIT- I did have fat leg syndrome for about 2 days. My right leg was literally a size bigger than the left. To be sure, they did an ultrasound to make sure there was no blood clot, and there wasn't. There's probably a baby sitting on something that is restricting the fluid return from that leg. Now I wear these leg massage/wrap things while Im in bed to prevent swelling and clots.

Craig's Parents were so nice to bring the entire Easter dinner for all of us to eat together here in my room. As much as I whined and said it was "totally unnecessary," it was really nice and I'm glad that they did that for me. And in celebration of the new Clash of the Titans, I ordered the original on DVD and Craig and I watched it together after dinner. A dang nice holiday for being hospitalized:)

Craig continues to work hard on getting everything painted for the babies' room. I just have to get home to decorate, wash all the babies' clothes and set everything up. Thank heavens I'll have a little time to do it all before they come home or I'd go nuts. Bless Craig for coming every night to visit me even when he's exhausted and has so much to do at home and at work. Hopefully the next few days or weeks (EEEK!) will go by fast and we can be together as a family soon:)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Latest

Well believe it or not they almost sent me home the other day. Results from the latest tests on baby C show that although she still has restricted blood flow in her cord, she is gaining weight enough that she's in no immediate danger. We still have her on 24 hour monitoring, but she has already exceeded the doctors' expectations. Good girl:) So for about a day I had dreams of being pregnant, if not stuck in the hospital, for many more weeks to come. And THEN... they checked my cervix. When I was admitted it measured 1.7cm. I think normally its like somewhere between 4 and 6 cm. As of Wednesday it was down to .57cm. So the doctors are back on the "you'll likely deliver within the week" boat. Although Dr.Morgan- my big wig perinatologist said "if the babies come now they should do just fine." Its amazing what a difference a couple weeks makes. When I first came here they were all doom and gloom and talking about how extremely early it was and how sick little baby C was...etc. I knew the situation was serious, but it just seemed like nobody would accept the idea that baby C could hold out. Now its my cervix that they don't think will hold out. I just sit around every day until I start having painful contractions and they decide to check me to see if I'm dilating. When that happens they'll give me something to try to stop the labor process- which I think can only be done for like 2 days- enough to administer a second round of steroid shots to help the babies' lungs to mature. So we'll just have to see what happens. We're still looking at at least a 6 week NICU stay if the babies come within the week. Everyone is still under 3 lbs. And thank you everybody that has come to keep me company, it really makes me feel loved:) Stephanie Adams even came to give me an amazing mani/pedi! I felt bad for everyone else here that couldn't receive the same treatment. I think for a hospital stay, this couldn't get much better. I have shower privileges, I dont have to resort to the use of a bedpan or even a bedside commode, I have a great view from a private room- which was so generously decorated by my Mother-in-law, and three people have said that I win the prize for best smelling room! Best of all- babies and I are healthy and doing well. So we just keep praying that the babies will come when they need to and that they will be healthy and strong when they do. We know it's because of everyone's fasting and prayers that we've already come this far. We are so grateful.