Saturday, October 24, 2009

Im pregn....

If you haven't heard by now, Craig and I are expecting! After 3 years, 10 procedures and...well, a few dollars, we are still slightly in shock. I still can't believe the nurse actually said "I have good news for you!" Good news? For me?? You mean it WORKED?? I still have a hard time saying the words "Im preg-" nope, still feels weird. It always seemed like something that happened to everyone else. I wasn't part of the club.

At almost 7 weeks now, its still hard to believe. At this point I feel pretty darn good. I have no nausea, no, and other than some weird, dull cramping and feelings like things are definitely stretching in there, I feel normal. Ok, I guess I do get tired more easily lately. Im not under any delusions that these horrid symptoms won't still come in the next week or two, but my Mom never had morning sickness so at least there's a chance it'll skip me.

So..... we had our first ultrasound on Thursday and we were delighted to see a tiny heartbeat fluttering away. With so much that can go wrong, it was such a relief to see something in there! Craig said the baby looked like a little cashew. Ok there were actually two. Fine, three but that's it, I promise. Yes, three little sacs with three little heartbeats. At this point, one is smaller and a few days behind the other two in development, so our doctor thinks it is likely we'll end up with twins. We have another ultrasound in 2 weeks and we should know by then if there are still three or just two. We have to at least prepare for the possibility of triplets. (holy crap)

Since things are a bit up in the air, we debated whether or not to tell everyone the results of the ultrasound right away. We thought about waiting until the next appt when we'll have a better idea. But, since I can never keep my mouth shut, and everyone already knew we were having the U/S, I couldn't look people in the face and say there was only one or even two. I figure if things change, then they change, but I don't see a reason, at least for me, to keep it all to ourselves. I feel better sharing our news and its comforting to know we're not going through this alone. Whatever happens, we know that we are all in God's hands and what is supposed to be for our little family will be.

We are so extremely grateful for the love and support we have received from our friends and family- often it is hard to distinguish between the two. We know that we have been so very blessed with this miracle and we can't wait to welcome a new life- lives- into our family.

I promised my family that I would use my blog to keep everyone updated on the progress of this pregnancy (did I just say pregnancy??) and it sure has the potential to get pretty crazy. So bring it on, I say! We're so ready.