Saturday, February 27, 2010

Belly Pics

Ok all you whiners, I finally broke down. I'll even post a few that I hate just so you can see a slight progression. I have a few earlier ones on my phone that Craig will have to help me get on the computer later.
Jan 16 (18 weeks)

Feb 16, (23 weeks)
Feb 23, (24 weeks)

I have been feeling great. I commented to a friend that I feel even better physically than I did a few weeks ago. Maybe my body is just adjusting better, maybe the wee ones were going through a growth spurt (although isn't the entire 35 weeks one giant growth spurt?) Anyway, I can't complain much. Current symptoms include: extremely greasy complexion and hair- although my skin in general is very soft, which is good, (but seriously you could coat a giant skillet with what I blot off of my face every hour) horrible breakouts, and I thought prenatal vitamins were supposed to be great for hair and nails?? My fingernails have NEVER been this flimsy and bendy. I can't even get a good scratch with them because they bend so much. I don't have any cravings and the heartburn continues to worsen each week, it seems. Like Juno said, "the heartburn radiates in my kneecaps." Sleeping is....well, I have good nights and bad nights. I just have to be creative with pillows and be sure to take my Zantac each night or I don't stand a chance. My weight gain has been respectable, not too little not too much- according to my doc. Although it seems to me like it has all accumulated in my fat face. I guess it could be worse, but it is a little difficult to hide. If only I were a Muslim...

I am almost 25 weeks and am now having weekly ultrasounds and progesterone injections. Its all about the cervix. There has been a slight change, but nothing that anyone is worrying about at this point. If is shortens out much more than they'll probably talk about some modified bedrest, but so far so good.

Will someone tell me what kind of car to get? We've narrowed it down to 3, then 2, then added another back to 3, then.... blah blah blah. Here's the short version: We don't need a huge car because Craig has the truck and we'll take that anywhere that we need to lug baby gear to. Also, we dont want 2 gas guzzlers. We've looked at the Subaru Outback, KIA Sorrento and, most recently the new Honda Pilot. You get the most for the money with the Pilot, but its bigger than we need, and the gas mileage isn't as good. The KIA is our favorite all around, BUT for what they;'re asking for it (fully loaded, granted) we can get the Pilot (but not quite fully loaded, but then its a Honda vs a KIA). Then we go back to the gas issue and I dont really want something that big. The Pilot would last us longer, because it seats 8, but again, we dont need an 8 seater right now. If we got the KIA we'd just upgrade to something bigger in a few years- then at that point, maybe we'd get rid of Craig's truck and have a smaller car and a bigger family car. Again, trying to avoid having 2 trucks. And yes, we can fit three car seats across the back seat- we've done all the measuring- which is our plan. I have no intentions of climbing in and out of a vehicle to get one car seat out of the back. Ok, lets hear it:

I love having baby things cluttering the house. Its fun seeing the car seats, strollers, etc all over the place. It still amazes me what is yet to come. Speaking of what is yet to come, they are moving all over the place- relatively speaking. They're considerate enough not to keep me up all night, and no one has had the hiccups yet, but they are definitely little kickers and nudgers! Baby C moves the most with the big boy coming in a close 2nd. Little girl-A is the most chill down there at the bottom. I wonder if their personalities will follow suit when they're born. Thank you so much everyone who has so graciously donated or lent us baby gear, clothes, etc. I have no idea how we would get everything we need without that. We are so grateful to all of you.

Its amazing how different I feel after 2 or 3 hours of shopping/errand running compared to normal. I now know when it feels like after I've been on my feet too long and I try to be sensitive to that. Doesn't help with the contractions, that's for sure. I guess until further notice I continue to work and do most things that I normally would around the house. We're hoping for delivery around mid May- which would be 35 weeks. Most common for triplets is between 30 and 33 weeks, so we'd be blessed to make it to 35.