Monday, March 29, 2010

29 Weeks

Ok, Ive made it another week. 7 more days and everyone will relax a bit about the trio coming so early. Baby C is still doing well. Her heart rate is strong, and she continues to score perfect 8's on her daily Biophysical Profiles. The doc mentioned today that they dont expect to see a sudden drastic change in her status where an emergency c-section would be necessary. It would be more gradual and be indicated by a change in her heart rate. Also, they plan to check the weights of all three babies a week from today. If it shows that despite the strong heart rate, baby C is not growing, they will schedule me for delivery. So there are a few determining factors. For now she continues to look really good, just small. Baby B is the hog. He is the biggest and has the most fluid. Maybe he knows that boys do statistically worse than premature girls and he's trying to get everything he can while he can. Hmph. Smart kid. Baby A continues to be the laid back and tolerant one down at the bottom of the heap. Her heart rate is always lower and she's always in a lounging position despite being sat on, stepped on, and squashed into a tiny corner. I guess there has to be one like her in there or it just wouldn't work.
I continue to feel perfectly fine. I haven't shown any signs of preterm labor and I'm still not so big that I'm feeling awful. I have tons of contractions during the night, to the point that the nurses come in and ask "are you sure you're not feeling those? You're having like 20 and hour!" I feel them, but its just that tightening feeling. No pain. The doctors have to reassure them that with triplets, and all the activity in there, contractions like that are totally normal. If they start to hurt, though, that means trouble.

Craig continues to work on the nursery at home. There's no hurry, really, because the babies will be in the NICU for 2 months at least, but understandably he wants to get it done. I miss my house and I miss my dogs and I can't believe I've been here 2 weeks already. Again we are so grateful for our many blessings, and for all of your prayers on our behalf. We can't wait until we can introduce our three little ones to everyone:)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sooner than Later

Well unfortunately the situation is getting worse. Baby C still looks good, heart rate is strong, but her cord flow is more restricted than it was a week ago. We were hoping that it would hold, or at least stay the same for as long as possible, but it looks like delivery will come sooner than we would have hoped. We are praying to last 11 more days- which would put me at 30 weeks gestation. Babies do significantly better at 30 weeks. The docs today told me not to "bet my last dime on that" but we're sure trying. I feel like a ticking time bomb, like any day they could come rushing in to take me in for an emergency C-Section. Its more likely that things will continue in a downward trend until they schedule the C-section. Craig said that he feels like everything will be ok, and that makes me feel much better. He's good like that:)

Its amazing how much love we feel from our friends and family- specifically our Ward family. I have received so many visitors and well wishes and its just a wonderful feeling- like we have so many of you in our corner pulling for us. You all have no idea what that means to us. We love you and we'll keep you posted:) Now I have to go continue incubating....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hospital Life

If you haven't heard already, Im in the hospital indefinitely because if issues with little baby C- details are on facebook if you want em. I was admitted on Tuesday and Im still here. I will say that I expected it to be worse at this point. I never thought Id get a private room- which apparently was a necessity just to fit the monitors for 3 babies. I have a great view- out 3 big windows, cable, flat screen, dvd player and wifi in my room. Im not sick or on any diet restrictions, so they bring me pretty much whatever I ask for. Seems weird to be hospitalized and offered onion rings, ffries, chips, chicken fingers, pepsi, bacon, etc with meals. The food is ok, I think I just like having so many options.

My daily routine goes as follows: the doc usually comes in between 630 and 730am just to check in and ask if I understand everything and have any questions. Because this is a teaching hospital, I get a different resident about every day, and then there are the big wig- perinatologists and neonatologists that come by a few times a week to ask the same questions. A PCA (patient care attendant) comes in to take Blood pressure and temp and fill my water pitcher- which is kept full at all times, and the nurse for the day shift comes in to see if I need anything and check my heart with the stethoscope. Breakfast, or "nutrition," as they announce themselves, comes between 8 and 830 and then I usually shower and get dressed for the exciting day to come.
Lunch is around 1230, dinner is 530 and in between are the BP and temp checks about every 3 hours. And housekeeping also comes in about 4 times a day. Craig comes in the evenings to hang out with me, and after he leaves I get ready for bed... or should I say sleep, since Im in bed almost all day. The night nurse comes in around 7 to introduce herself and check on me, and then they come in about 3 or 4 times during the night to take BP and temps again, and fill my water.
Oh- and someone comes every 24 hours to give me an ultrasound to make sure all three little ones are looking good. Im hooked to a fetal monitor 24 hrs a day for baby C and they have a 2nd monitor on me for contractions.
Today they added another machine to my list of hook-ups. Its a thing that straps around each calf to prevent blood clots. They inflate and deflate one at a time and I keep them on unless I get up to use the bathroom or shower. No biggie.
Friday evening Craig wheeled me down to tour the NICU, which was a really good experience. My good friend Laawna is a nurse down there and she showed us all the little preemies that might be the same size and age as our babies could be at birth. On one hand it was shocking to see how fragile and tiny they looked. On the other hand, it was good to see what good hands they were in and what a nice facility it was. We are praying for these little ones to hold up until Im at least 30 weeks- which is 2 weeks from tomorrow. The little one is holding steady, but we really won't know for sure until they do the test on her cord flow, and check her growth again. If it shows she's not growing, we'll have to deliver. Until then we just pray and wait. More updates to come- but dinner is on its way!