Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dreams, phlegm, and force feeding

I hear that pregnant women have weird and very vivid dreams. I, however, have always had weird and vivid dreams. Ask Craig, he thinks I have the mind of a crazy person. Being pregnant hasn't really changed my Last night, for example, I dreamed that Michael J Fox was my boyfriend and we were having lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. I remember carrying my tray through the line, only, I don't remember what we had. The only strange part was that he went through the line ahead of me and didn't pay. Heh. Jerk.
The night before I had a dream that Gwen Stafani and I became good friends. She wanted to do something different with the band, and decided that the "something different" was to make me the other lead singer. Nothing weird about that! Wait- she lived in a crappy apartment complex, so that was a little weird.

Phlegm. I have been having sinus issues, usually in the mornings, which means that I sneeze a lot, have a runny nose and, consequently, have a constant presence of phlegm in my throat. Its impossible to ignore and the second I think about it, I gag. Its most annoying. I does help if I chew minty gum, I don't know why, maybe because its a distraction. I hate having an overactive gag reflex in the mornings. And why is it just in the mornings? I swear, its largely psychological.

My appetite is still pathetic, do any of you Moms out there (especially of multiples) suggest a point when I should start drinking protein drinks? I'm almost 10 weeks, think now is unnecessarily too soon? I don't feel the need to pack on the pounds yet, I just want to make sure the little ones are getting what they need. I do eat something for every meal, the portions are just puny and many dinners (and lunches) are tomato soup and crackers. The other night I had a generous handful of green olives and a small bowl of cottage cheese for dinner. Mmmmm, green olives:) Not terrible, I got my protein! The saturday before I had a bowl of cereal at noon and a cup of soup at 8. Could have been why I had a headache that day. Today for lunch I aimed for a baked potato and cup of chili. I only ate the potato. Chili was too oniony for me. The potato was a decent size, so I don't feel bad. You all have to know something, this is such a new feeling for me. For years I longed for my appetite to be taken away- as healthy as it normally is. And now when I'm allowed, and encouraged to eat like a cow, I have to force myself. I have to admit... its lovely.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stil Pregn

I'm nine weeks today and as of the ultrasound last Monday, we still have three in there. Heh, so much for doctors' predictions. Amazingly enough, I have still managed to avoid "morning" sickness. I feel like I still have to say "but it could hit at any time" because I'm worried that as soon as I cop an attitude or say "Hah! Nausea Shmasea!" -I'll immediately start vomiting. So FOR NOW, Im incredibly grateful. However, I haven't been so lucky to avoid headaches or migraines. And ooooooh, they can be nasty, especially because the only thing I can take is Tylenol. BAH! I'd do just as well with a couple tic tacs. Anyway, its slightly unnerving to think that I could have 6+ more months of migraines ahead of me with no defense in sight. I had one Friday and Saturday and the only thing that made any difference, although barely noticeble, was to take a scarf and tie my heating pad around my head. I alternated the same technique using ice packs as well. All I could say to Craig was "please don't look at me." It was pitiful. And also worthless.

My only other symptoms have been a loss of appetite, and some sinus irritability. And no,
Im not showing yet. I swear when I get up in the morning I have a major bulge, but it goes away as the day goes on. Oh, and I can't sleep for crap. Weird how you can be so tired, but not able to sleep. I'm just one tossing and turning fool every night. Nothing is comfortable. No cravings yet and no sensitivities to smells either. I do have issues brushing my teeth in the morning. For some reason its the only time my gag reflex wants to participate in the fun. It takes a lot of deep breaths to get through a teeth-brushing session. Weird.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I did have to ask my doc if I should be worried that Im not having more intense symptoms, especially with triplets. She said "no way, just be grateful." If I had one, the due date would be June 14th, but with 3 I expect them sometime early to mid May, if all goes well. Here's hoping for a long and healthy pregnancy!