Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Month and Still Alive




The triplets are a month old as of June 18th and we are all still alive. Believe me, I am more doubtful of Craig's and my survival than that of the babies at this point. Trying to meet the needs of these three little babes is frighteningly overwhelming and Craig has to constantly remind me to take it one day at a time. My life is like groundhog's day. Every day is the same, the routine is the same, and if I can go run through the drive-thru, or go to target, I feel just a little bit normal again.. at least for those precious few minutes. As most of you already know, we have had an overabundance of help from our ward family. My Mom has been with us since I was released from the hospital in April, and we never would have made it without her help, but when she goes at the end of this month, I know it will be the angels who come day and night to help that will sustain us until we can learn to do it all on our own. Thanks, Mom, thank you Susan and Linda, and thank you everyone who has been helping for the last month. I shiver to think where we all would be now without you.
The dogs have been great with the babies. All they do is sniff them and whine and whimper when they cry. And considering we have people coming in the house round the clock, they're doing exceptionally well. For all of you who said "are you going to keep the dogs?" Well, the answer is yes.
And then there was the infection! As if recovering from a c-section and caring for 3 week old triplets wasn't enough, I was cursed with a uterine infection 2 weeks ago that landed me back in the hospital for three days. After an ER visit that lasted from 10 pm to 4 am- only to tell me I had "slight bladder infection," I returned the very next day to say.. HEY, THIS AINT NO FREAKIN BLADDER INFECTION. Turns out I was right and after a 103.7 fever and many rounds of blood work, they finally believed me. All it needed was a couple more days in the hospital and every IV antibiotic known to man. Being stuck in there knowing that everyone else was at home doing my job was agony. I felt totally helpless. Thanks again everyone for the round the clock help that really helped put my mind at ease and let Craig sleep for once!
The babies are growing growing growing! Porter is well over 8lbs and the girls are gaining on him. Lyla was 7. 11 as of last friday, and Scarlet is not far behind. I guess we just keep feeding them? Ok then. Hopefully we'll all still be alive in another month.


  1. They are beautiful! And so are their parents! We love you guys and love being a part of your life for this short little while that you need us.

  2. Oh Nicole, they are so adorable. I know just a little bit of what you are going through. You really do have to take just one day at a time. I think it's wonderful that you can get out occasionally to go through the drive-thru or to Target. These little outings can give you some moments of normalcy.
    When we get back from seeing our own grandchildren we are so looking forward to seeing your beautiful little ones.
    Hang in there!

  3. You and Craig are doing a wondeful job...with the help of all those angels......

  4. I am so glad that you have plenty of help, but I must say...I have been anxiously awaiting my call to help feed those babies! I am jealous that my sister has gotten to go before me! And just so you know, I am available for those difficult early morning hours, they would actually be easier for me because Tyler will be home and I won't have to find a sitter, I'm not sure who decides who gets to come and what hours, but if you ever have a say, I'm good with 2:30 am and 5:30 am!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these photos of our precious grandchildren. You are Craig are doing such a great job as new parents under these most challenging and rewarding conditions. These babies and your health and stamina are the blessings for which we all prayed and fasted. I always knew that these babies were coming into the lives of the two best people possible for them. I'm so very proud of you both. Our thanks goes to ALL those who are there to help and support you. I wish that I could be there to take my turn. It would be a joy and thrill for me. Love you very much.

  6. Just sitting in JFK waiting to come home. Can hardly wait to see you again and take my turn with feeding again. See you soon-Linda