Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Wow, its been ...3 months since I've updated this thing, and even as I sit here, I barely know how to write anymore. I'll get right to it. Babies are almost 4 months old and life has been much easier since the dark, DARK days of the first 2 months. The babies have been on a 4 hour feeding schedule for over a month and are doing very well. Scarlet is suffering with issues related to reflux, the poor thing, but the Zantac she is on has helped a lot. She has an appt with a GI specialist on Oct 12th. The babies haven't had their 4 month appt yet so we don't know what they weigh, but i know its a lot. Scarlet is still smaller than the the others by at least a pound, but she is doing well. Lyla is really the only one who doesn't do very well holding her head up, but she is ahead of the game with her communication skills- she is by far the chattiest, and also the best at self entertaining. Porter is physically the strongest and can now roll over from front to back. Unfortunately, he does this at night and since he hates being on his back he ends up looking like a cockroach flailing his arms and legs everywhere and screaming. And did I mention he can stand? (he's also discovered his tongue)
Scarlet is the kicker. She talks almost as much as Lyla now, and her "thing" is kicking like mad in the bouncy seat.Ok, you can't see her kicking, but isn't this just the cutest pic? And Who wouldn't be jealous of those lashes?
Recently we have introduced a new toy in the trios collection- the bouncy thing. They all like it for about a minute:
And then it wears off.Here's a photo pf all of them in action:
Lyla's favorite is the activity mat, she's happy there for...minutes!

A dear friend lent us her triplet stroller and for the first time I can take all of them on walks by myself. They love their walks! The stroller is 46 whopping inches wide and doesn't fit through standard doorways, but its worth it just because it pushes, steers and turns so easily, its a dream. I've been walking everyday and it makes me feel so much better being able to get out of the house during the day. And now that the weather is starting to cool off (gradually) I'll be getting out more and more.

They're still not sleeping more than 4 to 5 hours at a time during the night. Its been months since we've had to feed them at night, but they're just in the habit of waking every night around 330 or 4. They dont need to be fed, and they dont need to be changed so I just end up giving them a pacifier, or in Porter's case, turning him back over on his tummy, and going back to bed. They usually wake again around 430 or 5 but we usually just let them cry until they are fed at 530.If anyone has advice on how to remedy this issue feel free to chime in. Im told they should be able to sleep 8 hours by now so who knows. We are anxiously awaiting the day when they can all keep their pacifiers in their little mouths on their own. Right now they just continuously pop them out with their tongues so we prop them with rolled blankets.

We're going to Utah on the 24th to visit my family and we are so excited. The babies get to see their Grandma and their Great Grandparents and we can't wait. Also, my brother will be there from Japan with his family and we will meet my new little niece, McKenna! My older brother and his family will also be down from Idaho and we are thrilled that all the cousins will be together for the first time!

Skipping around a bit- the babies were blessed in July and we didnt take as many pictures as we should have. Sunday mornings are a whirlwind trying to get everyone ready. This was the only good shot we got.There's not much more to post, and Im sure everyone just wants to see photos anyway so I'll just post a bunch of random pics we have.

Craig with the babies!Sad Lyla after bathtime.
Scarlet has a question.
The poor kid.

Happy boy!


  1. Porter's face in the picture of the 3 of them and he's between his sisters...priceless. Love the stroller, does anyone ever say, "You've got your hands full."? I hate that, I bet you get it more than I do.

  2. fun update! Love the pics... glad you can get out and walk! Wish I could join you! hugs to all...

  3. It is so fun seeing how much they have grown! They are so cute.
    And I must say there are some strong Saunders genes coming through:-)
    I'm going to have to come over for another visit!

  4. I can't believe how fast they are growing and how great you look...I think I heard you walk [ast my house yesterday....someone was crying...you looked so tiny pushing that giant stroller!

  5. I'm impressed that you found the time to take and load these pictures onto your blog! Love the pictures! Especially the one of Porter frowning between his 2 sisters. :))He's gonna love that one someday.

  6. Wow, you look so great and it seems like you've got it together and have things sofigured out (til they change again in the next couple months, ha!) The babies are SO adorable and that Porter, oh man is he handsome.
    We're hoping to see you guys when you're here or at least make sure Dan goes riding with Craig. I'd love to introduce our little Sam to your three. He'd love to see them!

    As far as sleeping through the night (or at least 8-9 hrs) Dan and I followed Baby Wise and I think that helped a lot and to be quite honest, we let Sam "cry it out" more than a couple times. I knew he wasn't hungry or didn't need a change, so we let him learn how to self soothe back to sleep(he doesn't take a bink, but we've had a blanket and stuff animal in his crib since day for soothing). He's been sleeping from 7:30pm-7am since about 10 weeks. We were trying to keep him up til like 8 or 8:30pm, but he was always so fussy, so we started putting him to bed earlier, when he seemed ready, which was around 7 or 7:30. He used to wake up around 4 or 5am, but I just let him cry/moan or be awake til he fell back asleep. Now, he may wake up around 5 or 6am, but he definitely knows morning is at 7am for all of us, as we don't go to him before that unless he's screaming or we know he's sick.....
    Sorry, I could go on and on, but we should talk when you're here :)

  7. I love seeing this! I miss you guys so much! Thanksgiving you guys will be in Fresno I hope! I will be home and I want to see you guys! The babies have gotten so big and are all so CUTE!